Although people in our society generally appear to be sexually confident, many people suffer deep anxieties and fears around sex. Fear of intimacy, or particular sexual problems, are a secret cause; often hiding at the heart of conditions such as depression, relationship breakdowns, some physical illnesses; addictions and even suicidal tendencies.

Let’s identify the most common sexual problems that I’ve learnt from the many individual men, women and couples who have come to me in need of help, over the past twenty-five years. These are what I call the “Ten Deadly Sexual Problems”


  1. Unwanted Midlife Virginity
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Inhibited Ejaculation
  5. Lack of arousal
  6. Painful Sex
  7. Inability To Orgasm
  8. Sexless Relationships
  9. Compulsive Promiscuity
  10. Pornography And Masturbation Addiction, or Obsession.


All of those problems are reversible. Nobody needs to feel or believe that they are fundamentally flawed; trapped by the apparent problem. Sexual dysfunctions are symptoms, not causes.

It has become my life’s work to study, explore, to discover what sex really is, what it really means, and how sex works within the body. Through this exploration, I discovered that what we call “sex energy” is really the energy at the heart of all creativity. Alchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry calls sex energy the “One Thing” from which everything arises. Science tells us that electricity results from a combination of a positive and negative charge. In other words, put the positive and negative leads together into a plug, switch on the source of power, and what results? The Lights come on . . .

The study of Nature, Biology and Botany all explain that life is based on a principle of the fusion of opposite forces: Life and death, heat and cold, light and darkness, masculine and feminine forces. Even what scientists call the “Big-Bang” was actually a sort of “cosmic orgasm” that produced our visible universe: the combustion of positive and negative forces. In human beings this same phenomenon occurs through the combustion of masculine and feminine energies during sex.

I also discovered that there is a complex energy body inside us that is responsible for activating and controlling sexual arousal. This energy body, as I call it, is a powerful system of the mind, the nervous system, our glands, and finally, our sex organs. When this system works in harmony, sex is potentially magical; capable of creating anything you truly desire.Since the release of the film called “The Secret” back in 2006, there have been many books and YouTube videos teaching various aspects of the Law of Attraction, where we are encouraged to visualize the circumstances that we really want to attract into our lives, and the Law of Attraction will gradually help us to create them. Similar principles are taught in a very powerful book called “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napolian Hill in 1937 and is still used by the most successful and effective self-development gurus today. What is missing in “The Secret”, and what is hidden obscurely in Chapter 13 in “Think and Grow Rich” is the incredibly important role that the transmutation of sex energy plays in creating what you really want, or desire.

Sexual problems do not usually solve themselves.They will not simply go away, unless you discover how to connect with sex energy. Sex organs respondto the direction in which sex energy is flowing throughout the energy body. When the sex organs appear to have a mind of their own, it’s actually the flow—the current of sex energy—, which is confusing the system.

This can be rectified and here are the keys:

  • Let go of old paradigms and flawed beliefs about sex
  • Discovering what I call the “Third Type Of Sex”
  • Connecting to masculine energy, if you are a man, and to feminine energy if you are a woman.
  • Through direct experience of the Third Type of Sex

In further blogs I’ll explain how to use these keys, and transform your whole understanding of sex and its true purpose in your life.

Now here’s a challenge for you: take time to be radically honest with yourself—and if appropriate—with your partner also. Are you satisfied with your sex life? If so, that’s great. But if deep down, the answer is “no,” then take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what it is that makes you unhappy or dissatisfied with your sex life. Now this is not an excuse to criticise your partner—or anything or anybody else for that matter—but a challenge to take a good, close look within yourself. “Am I happy and satisfied with my sex life?” Yes or No?

If the answer is “no,” that’s your starting point: it’s from there that you can begin to make changes that might transform your whole life. Just like an addict begins to change only after they admit that there is a problem, you will find that the way to transform your sex life opens up when you face the need for change. Nobody has ever found the solution to a problem until they have first recognised what the problem is. Just make a start. You will be amazed at how quickly you begin to discover solutions to what has seemed to be unsolvable before.

I am David Brown. Thank you for reading.

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