The Third Type of Sex is the least written about or known. It is somewhat hidden from sight, and from ordinary knowledge. Inside-Out Sex is a paradigm of sex that heals; it is restorative and beneficial to individuals, relationships and society. I have worked with this model of sex for over twenty years in my professional sexual healing practice. Over those years, we have treated almost fifteen hundred men, women and couples who have suffered from sexual anxieties, dysfunctions, insecurities, addictions and fears.

Inside-Out Sex is never the same twice, forever deepening. With sexual experience transformed, relationships improve; even those in crisis becoming indestructible. With fear of intimacy healed, performance anxieties dissolve along with sexual dysfunctions.  The problem of the ageing process and sex is overcome. Inside-Out Sex lasts a lifetime, not being dependent upon physical appearance, age or condition. Outside-In Sex and Simple Sex work on the basis of illusion and fantasy, while Inside-Out Sex works on the basis of self-awareness.

Inside-Out Sex opens up a limitless range of feelings that are fully accessible within the body. Inside-Out Sex starts with inner fulfilment and the body joins in at the appropriate stage.  Nothing on the surface appears to change; except that as you shift from one to the other, your entire world changes.  Sexual experience becomes completely and totally transformed.  Intimate relationships improve.  Fear of intimacy becomes a thing of the past and there is no longer that gnawing sense of performance anxiety.  You no longer need to seek relationships; they seek you.