Why are intimate relationships so fragile in our modern culture? 42% of all marriages in the Western world end in divorce; a statistic that does not, of course, include the staggeringly high failure rate of other types of intimate relationships. Most men and women today are more experienced and practiced at breaking up relationships than they are at building and maintaining them! Why is this so?

To discover the solution—The Way of Indestructible Relationships—we must look at the foundations upon which intimate relationships are built.

Intimate relationships today are expected to succeed while still being built on the foundations of yester-year. The old social values of past generations can no longer sustain modern intimate relationships. Men and women blindly commit themselves—and each other—to a relationship based on the values of their forefathers: procreation, simple sex, needs of the children, domesticity, exclusivity, possessiveness.

Intimate relationships are the world’s real power stations. The Way of Indestructible Relationships requires men and women who understand the energetic basis upon which their relationship will thrive.  There are ten elements upon which to build an Indestructible Relationship.

  1.  Sex Is The Basis of Your Relationship
  2. Realise the Power of The Polar Couple
  3. Do Not “Settle Down”
  4. Commitment Is a Decision – Not a Feeling
  5. Understand What It means to Trust
  6. Agree to Agree
  7. Create a Love Magnet for Your Relationship
  8. Write a Love Charter
  9. Discover The Power of Your Lover’s Eyes
  10. Give Each Other Complete Freedom

If you want to rebuild the foundation upon which your intimate relationship is built, here is some help in understanding the first two of our Ten Elements for an Indestructible Relationship. The other eight will follow. Stay connected to this blog.

1.    Sex Is The Basis of Your Relationship

The only type of relationship in which you have sex is an intimate relationship. There are many other types of relationships: family, friendship, business, community, etc. but you do not normally have sex within those relationships! Sex is the one distinguishing aspect of an intimate relationship. It is the foundation, the basis, upon which an intimate relationship is built. Most traditional relationship therapists and counsellors are still repeating an old mantra: “work out your issues, and then your sex-life will improve”. This is flawed advice. Couples should be helped to work out their sex-life—and then their issues will resolve.

2.    Realise the Power of a Polar Couple

The most powerful and sustainable intimate relationships are those that combine opposite polarities: masculine and feminine energy. This combination is not reserved only for heterosexual couples, but the polar-power is more immediately obvious when the relationship brings together a man with a woman. Intimate relationships with two people who are the same personality-types, see things in the same way, have similar tastes, share the same friends, are politically and socially compatible, etc. need to discover their partner’s energetic opposite in order to provide the magnetic connection that sustains intimacy over the long-term. To be a Polar Couple is a recipe for a much harder—but far more fulfilling—life: an essential component for Indestructible Relationships.

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·      Do Not “Settle Down”

·      Commitment Is a Decision – Not a Feeling

·      Understand What It means to Trust

·      Agree to Agree

·      Create a Love Magnet for Your Relationship