This level of sex provides an opportunity to evolve to Simple Sex. Relationships are usually the catalyst for this first metamorphosis. Unfortunately, not everyone makes this transition, even through a relationship of love.

When one partner is still attached to Outside-In Sex while the other is ready for Simple Sex, there is fertile ground for deep conflict and potential schism. It can be puzzling for a couple to discover deep conflicts and strife emerging within their relationship when everything on the surface appears to be compatible. The differences between Outside-In and Simple Sex, however, exist at the unseen levels of consciousness and energy.

The goal of Primal Sex is gratification, ultimately through procreation; continuity of the bloodline, tribe, family and lineage. Primal sex is an unconscious attempt to become immortal, to live forever through offspring. It is dependent upon performance and good physical health, and can be conducted with or without love.  Infidelity is normal; men becoming obsessed by pornography and masturbation while women may either have secret affairs or shut their sexuality down altogether.

Particularly prevalent in primal sex is jealousy, control and ownership. Fetishism is an intrinsic aspect of primal sex, replacing people with objects and relationships with the computer screen. Websites replace social dating, graphic sexual relationships conducted in ‘chat-rooms’ without the need for participating partners even to meet one another.

It is necessary to recognise Primal Sex in order to grow beyond it. Premature ejaculation in men and an inability to orgasm in women are the main sexual problems of Primal Sex.

Babies conceived through primal sexual intercourse will often be needy and display overly dependent character traits. Female babies will often be ‘love-starved’ as adults, becoming promiscuous, while male babies conceived through primal sexual intercourse will be ‘loners’ and find great difficulty in establishing intimate relationships.