Everybody needs to have a good sex life. The ancients in the Orient attributed the Way to good health and longevity of life to be through an active sex life. Artists, poets, writers, musicians, inventors—all creative people—have an active sexual appetite. Why? Because what we call sex energy is the Universal Creative Force; ultimately, it is so creative that it can even produce a physical body that contains human life. Whenever sexual energy is aroused there is a surge of Creative Energy, which, in the right conditions, can be harnessed and used for extraordinary purposes—personal health, vitality, happiness, and guidance—even for great achievements for the benefit of the world.

Whatever might be said in favour of chastity, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a fully successful and creative life unless one has an active sex life. Men and women cannot rise to their greatest potential as a human being without connecting to the Creative Force.  Human beings are here on the Earth to be agents of continuous creativity that is constantly occurring throughout the universe.

It is through sex energy that our minds are most easily enlightened and the endocrine and nervous systems invigorated.  The same can be attained through transcendental meditation, tai chi, chi gong, tantra and other energy systems but the scientific use of sex—Quantum Sex—is the “rocket-ship route” to creativity, enlightenment, lifelong youthfulness and fearlessness. Quantum Sex is for those who—due to modern busy lives and other practical or family circumstances—have been unable to devote the time to deeply study and practice metaphysics or esoteric spirituality, but who want to express and achieve their true purpose in life beyond the daily routine of work, eating, sleeping and domestic duties.

Everybody wants to become all that they are capable of becoming; to realise our full potential is natural and instinctive. A man or woman who does not want to live more creatively is subnormal. We cannot help wanting to be all that we can possibly be. The vast majority of people spend their entire life in work that they do not enjoy, feeling frustrated and bored, simply doing the same things day after day without any prospect of expressing their inherent gifts or talents. True success is becoming what you want to be—doing what you want to do in life. To be fully human means creating a life that allows you to express your true inner potential. This is possible for everybody, irrespective of social class, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, environment, background conditioning, culture, religion or none.

An active Quantum Sex life is essential to this realisation, because it is through sex that the Universal Creative Force is awakened, opening pathways in the brain that connect us with inspiration, intuition, creative imagination and guidance that comes from a higher consciousness than that of our ordinary everyday thinking. To understand the science of sex is therefore the most essential of all knowledge.

To be a balanced human being, we must live fully and consciously in the body, the mind and the soul. None of these is more important, more spiritual or better than the others, and none of these three aspects of ourselves can live fully if the others are suppressed or injured. Nobody can be really happy or satisfied unless the body is living fully in every function. This is also true of the soul and of the mind. Whenever there is unexpressed possibilities or potential, there is unsatisfied desire. To live fully in the mind, a man or woman must have intellectual exercise, recreation and environment. To live fully in the soul, there must be love. To live fully in the body, there must be sex energy. To be balanced and creative, a man or woman must have all three.

There is nothing wrong with sex. The desire for a deeply satisfying sex life is really the inner desire for a richer, fuller and more creative life. It is perfectly right to want a deeply satisfying and active sex life; it is normal, and you cannot help desiring that it is so. It is perfectly right; therefore, that you should give your best attention to the scientific approach to creative sex—Quantum Sex—for it is the most necessary of all studies.