By following these blogs, any couple can discover that overcoming performance anxiety or  intimacy problems is easier than you think. It is largely due to the experiences and circumstances of your conditioning that you have become anxious about sexual relationships. You were born with everything you need to enjoy your sexual relationship.

You will discover your natural, inbuilt confidence as you read these blogs, and practice the intimacy exercises that I will describe in them. It is like learning to ride a bike or to swim; activities that most of us take for granted but that when you first embark on them you have many doubts and anxieties – and very little confidence. However, with experienced and caring instructors – together with the right kind of supervision – and after practice, it is as though a light turns on inside; you discover you innate, inward confidence.

Right now, this is the first rung of the ladder. Be patient and don’t try to run before you can walk. As you take each step with an open mind and simple trust you will discover that this programme works: so long as you are sufficiently motivated and commit enough time to learn and to practise the exercises in these blogs.

It is time to change. From this point, stop calling your relationship “a problem”. Stop saying you “have a sexual problem”.

Sexual failure, disappointment, frustration and humiliation are behind you now. You are about to start a new sexual journey from scratch. Happiness lies ahead of you. Give yourself to this process and you will truly see changes, not only in the bedroom but in every area of your life.