There are five well-trodden paths that lead to bliss.

Four of them are difficult . . .

The Fifth is Heroic

Discover your full potential and manifest your aspirations,

dreams and wishes on the Path of Quantum Sex.

Over the past thirty years of professional practice as a transpersonal sexual therapist, combined with my life-long studies of the many esoteric spiritual and sexual paths from the East and the West, Quantum Sex has emerged.

Quantum Sex can help you to move beyond unconscious tendencies, habits and patterns that create recurring negative circumstances and destructive relationship features such as:

  • Feeling controlled, or trapped
  • Dissatisfied sexually
  • In a continuous power struggle
  • Creatively blocked
  • Having an unfulfilled career path
  • Needing to be always in control in work, relationships and money
  • Low self-confidence and self-worth

Now is the time for Quantum Sex to be revealed to those who are

ready . . . to explore the Fifth Way to Bliss.




Quantum Sex is a synthesis of the mystical sexual paths:

  • Taoism and Tantra from the East

  • Sex Magic of the West

  • Sexological Research from the modern era

  • Sexual Shadow Work of depth transpersonal therapy.

Through Quantum Sex, individuals and couples can experience Life Beyond:

  • Beyond boredom
  • Beyond pressure and expectations
  • Beyond deceit and infidelity
  • Beyond masturbation and pornography obsession
  • Beyond ejaculation
  • Beyond the clitoris
  • Beyond conventional boundaries
  • Beyond Limits

Quantum Sex can provide the world with a new energy source, solve many of the current unresolved scientific mysteries of life and prove empirically the cosmic purpose of love, intimate relationships and sex.

Through Quantum Sex some couples will even consciously conceive advanced souls who will help raise the collective consciousness of the following generations on Earth.

This website is not simply about how to create a better sex life; it is a step-by-step system

revealing how Quantum Sex can create a better world.



10 Powerful Steps You Can Take To Overcome Performance Anxiety, Fear of Intimacy and Sexual Problems

How would it feel to live a deeply satisfying and fulfilling sex life, regardless of your past experiences or lack of experience?

How would you like to have sexual confidence to know that you can enjoy intimacy and sex, rather than think of it as a source of worry and anxiety?