David Brown, M.Msc. is a Metaphysical Psychologist, Sex Educator, Transpersonal Therapist and Interfaith Minister. He is Founder and Principal of the Centre for ICASA, the only sexual therapy centre in the UK specialising in Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy. He is author of books including ‘Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy’ and ‘The Healing Power Of Intimacy’. David has made his lifelong quest the study and practice of the many spiritual and sexual paths, approaches and philosophies that ultimately lead to One-ness. His professional practice and the ICASA TEN-STEP SEXUAL RECOVERY PROGRAMME—which he has written and developed over the past twenty years—is a fusion of metaphysical principles from both the East and West that combine sexuality and spirituality: a creative therapeutic modality and new sexual paradigm suited to the current stage of evolution of collective human consciousness.

To properly understand and benefit from the philosophy of intimacy, love and sex as expounded through the Quantum Sex blogs and teachings at this website, it is necessary to study all the published blogs—not just one or two—so that each teaching is studied within the overall context of the Quantum Sex philosophy and sexual paradigm. The teachings contained herein are powerful and life-changing and should not be taken lightly, or out of the overall context within which they belong.

As in the construction of a pyramid, Quantum Sex has arisen out of thousands of years of spiritual and sexual exploration conducted by mathematicians, consciousness researchers, metaphysicists and scientists. It is now accessible to everyone: explained, expounded and taught by the author of these blogs and of his ten-volume magnum opus “Quantum Sex – The Science of Intimacy, Love and Sex” after nearly fifty years of personal study, exploration, experiments and direct experience.

It should be further understood that the blogs, articles and teachings published within the Quantum Sex and ICASA websites, and other materials written by David Brown and ICASA, do not necessarily reflect the views of any professional association to which the author belongs.


David Brown




Quantum Sex is a philosophy of intimacy, love and sex appropriate for the current age. It is a practical philosophy—a certain way of thinking—intended for men and women who feel the need to discover and experience a greater understanding of the true purpose of sex and intimate relationships. Quantum Sex is for individuals or couples who want deeper meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment in sex, who want results and are willing to go beyond the conventional way of thinking—to take a scientific approach to self- discovery. It is not blind belief that will prove the philosophy of Quantum Sex to be true, but for every man or woman who opens his or her mind sufficiently to ponder the blogs, articles and statements in this website—and practises the experiments suggested—dramatic improvements to the quality, longevity and creativity of their intimate life and relationships will be the result.

Quantum Sex can help to plug you into the most powerful energy in the Universe. Once plugged in, you can then choose to throw the switch and light up the whole of your life, just like electricity lights up a dark room when the switch is turned on. Just think of the difference that would make to your life; like between watching a black and white silent movie and one in technicolour and 3D.





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