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The School of Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness –  30 Years On.


The year just ended—2021—was, for me, a year of two special anniversaries. I didn’t make this widely known or celebrated publicly, mainly because the pandemic was of far greater importance to everybody than something that was more relevant to me as an individual. At the turn of the year, however, I feel that I want to at least give these anniversaries a mention rather than to ignore them completely. It was exactly fifty years ago, in 1971, that I first consciously stepped upon the spiritual path; one that changed, defined and expanded my life beyond all recognition or expectation. The

The School of Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness –  30 Years On.2022-01-04T14:17:18+00:00

The Science of Intimate Relationships


There is a science to mastering intimate relationships. The trouble is, most people enter into a relationship without knowing this science and so when things start to go wrong, they have no idea how to put them right. There are Universal principles and laws that work for or against everyone, whether they're aware of them or not. The major principle that underwrites the science of intimate relationships is the relationship between the feminine and the masculine principles, or energies, of the Universe. These energies can be likened to the positive and negative leads in the electrical cable which, when they

The Science of Intimate Relationships2021-04-19T15:18:18+01:00

An Intimate Conversation with David Brown


David Brown, Founder and Principal of The School of Intimacy, Consciousness and Self-Awareness speaks about intimacy, sexual attitudes and Surrogate Partner Therapy in this newly released podcast by Mick Brennan of Strong Roots Podcasts.  Listen to it now below: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3pAGqpRUYrz6TFwt79IIuK?si=9MTwlgMjRNajzcfgLxz95A

An Intimate Conversation with David Brown2021-03-22T13:39:21+00:00

The Transforming Power of Intimacy Step 4: Desire – The Magic Intimate Ingredient


I think many of us will have had, at some time or another, the frustrating experience of wanting to build a bonfire for your children, a cosy fire in midwinter for you and your lover, or have a bar-b-q to entertain your friends; only to find that the fire doesn’t ignite properly. You try to hide your frustration, spend a lot of energy and time trying to get this fire to do what you want from it, and in the end having to admit that it is not going to happen and either give up completely, or start all over

The Transforming Power of Intimacy Step 4: Desire – The Magic Intimate Ingredient2021-01-05T12:34:02+00:00

Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy in the UK


David Brown, Founder of ICASA, explains how Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy in the UK helps men and women to overcome fear of intimacy and sexual problems. https://youtu.be/IOdnNKA3lFg

Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy in the UK2020-06-01T14:24:33+01:00

Breaking Free From Pornography Addiction


David Brown, Principal of ICASA, explains the difference between pornography addiction and obsession, offers ways to recognise when the habit has become a problem and introduces five practices that result in personal transformation. https://youtu.be/aJldfkUtTXU

Breaking Free From Pornography Addiction2021-03-02T13:08:56+00:00


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