The ICASA training programme employs a combination of teaching, experiential exercises, group discussions and direct feedback in order to maximise trainee learning and growth.

Participants are guided through a series of structured relaxation, communication, sensual and sexual awareness exercises, integrated with experiences that enhance trainee self-awareness and capacity for intimacy.

Trainers provide individual feedback and advice for every trainee throughout the training programme. The experiential aspects of surrogate partner training are modelled on the practices of The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme and aim to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude necessary for effective surrogate partner work. Experiential learning also generates significant personal enrichment for most trainees.

A certificate of completion of coursework in Surrogate Partner Therapy is awarded to trainees who successfully complete the professional training course.

Surrogate Partner Training Applicants:

No specific academic degrees or courses are required as prerequisite to the ICASA Professional Surrogate Partner training programme. Although there are some very specific qualities and experiences which are essential:

• A positive relationship with one’s own body

• A positive relationship with one’s own sexuality

• Reliable, trustworthy and discreet

• Caring, compassionate and sensitive personality

• Empathetic and trusting

• Non-judgemental attitude towards others

Training Applicants:

These are vital characteristics and are assessed from the moment of application and throughout the training programme and professional development of the surrogate partner. Emotional maturity developed from a combination of life experiences is essential.

ICASA runs one annual training programme; each programme lasting six months and divided into four distinct Modules including the initial Sexual Self-Development Course. Modules last four full days, covering 16 days of training. Extra reading and study related practical exercises are given as part of training and must be completed.